Is Staging Your Home Necessary??

Is Staging Your Home Necessary??

Staging your home may sound super costly, and because of that exact myth, many sellers opt not to do it. But here’s the problem, they’re missing out, because staging really does help sell a house and it helps it sell for more money and faster, but it does not always mean that it’s super expensive. There are plenty of options to stage your home without spending a dime.

So let’s start with the kitchen.
Store small kitchen appliances in the cabinets, your remote controls, put them in your side table, your mail, put it in a junk drawer, shoes and coats belong in closets. Everyday items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissues, that sort of thing, shove them in a cabinet or buy some cute boxes and put them in there. They should not be in plain sight for the buyers to see when they’re actually walking through your house and touring your home.

We want to eliminate the distractions, so they could focus on the space itself, focus on the house that they’re there to see and not the stuff in it. Cute baskets will be your best friend on this adventure, super easy to store, and you pull the baskets out for the everyday use items that you need, so invest in some of those, that’s the good tip.

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” There’s a reason for this. The expression is similar to staging your home for sale, if you have too much stuff, too much furniture, it’ll make the room look super small, we want to remove a few of the pieces that will open up the room for a larger appearance. So staging a home and preparing a house to sell is different than when we live in it, less is more when it comes to staging a home.

Another tip, a simple way to spruce up your bathrooms, while your home is listed for sale, is to actually invest in some fresh linens. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but get some clean fluffy white towels and display those on open shelving or roll them up nicely and put them behind the toilet, hang them neatly over a towel rack, all these little touches will make your bathroom feel very luxurious and very welcoming. It also gives off the stage model home vibe, where you walk through the house and you love everything in it, which will help you sell your home for more money in less time.

Another tip, have large baskets handy, we talked about this earlier. Go through the home and pick up any loose items that need to be put away. This could be loose mail pieces, your drop all catch all place, shoes that were left out, toys that are left out from the kids, remote controls, if you have five of them, you only need two, all those little random things that we have in our house when we’re living in our house, all those miscellaneous items, they don’t need to be out for people to see them. Put them in a proper storage basket, shove it aside, grab a nice fluffy towel, lay it over the basket or a cute little blanket, and it’s there for you to need when you need it, but it’s not there for the people to actually see it, so your home looks nice and tidy and ready for showings.

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