Interview with Troy Reynolds with Royal Pane Window Cleaning | Santa Maria, CA

Troy Reynolds with Royal Pane Window Cleaning

Stephanie talks with Local Business owner Troy Reynolds or Royal Pane Window Cleaning.  Troy is a staple among the locals in the Santa Maria and Orcutt areas.  He provides outstanding service to businesses as well as home owners.  He offers a variety of services, not just window cleaning!  Thru the Covid times, he has implemented ways to keep his clients safe and continue with his business.  Troy can be reached at (805) 878-2885.

Watch the video for more information and tips and tricks to keep your house in tip top shape!


– Okay, so we have you here. All right, so we thank you for joining. All right.

– We have Troy Reynolds from Royal Pane Window Cleaning and Gutters, and he’s here to join us. We as realtors have a lot of people that we work with and they’re awesome, and they’re part of our community, they’re local businesses, but I wanted to get it out there and share some information with everybody that’s joining in on us or watching this after the recording. And I’m so Troy, we’ve been working together for a while, but why don’t you introduce yourself and tell everybody a little bit about what you do.

– Okay, all right. Hi, Stephanie, well, thank you for having me. This is really exciting just to be a part of this and be part of the community and be able to address people with just not just my services, but what the things that Stephanie does as a realtor and how we can help each other in this community. So basically I own Royal Pane Window Cleaning, I’ve been doing it for 12 years now. It sounds kinda crazy, but it started in 2008. I started out just doing the small little independent, little hair salons and whatever, and I always carry a business card in my pocket, so I’d always give it away, “Hey, come clean my windows.” “Sure, here you go.” So one thing led to another and then slowly got busy into doing houses. I did not buy somebody’s business, I learned it on my own, somewhat entrepreneurial skills on my own. Just learned how to clean the windows the right way. It took a little time, but got it figured out. And so just just went with it. I worked at Costco as most people know. We always had other jobs before we did this. So breaking into window cleaning and just started the right way and the wrong way to clean windows, and just kinda went for it. So just to take a little bit of time.

– Yeah, and you– You’ve worked with several of my clients before as we’re selling houses and I know people that might be watching this might not be buying or selling a house, but even for while we’re all sitting at home, I see people in at home Depot or Lowe’s and they’re do yourself projects and getting spring cleaning done and stuff. And I know doing windows sounds so simple, but one of the things that you did for my clients that I would hope that you’ve explained is cleaning the tracks and waxing them and why that’s important and all that about your windows. If you could kind of elaborate on that, people probably don’t even know what to do on that.

– Right, yeah, thank you. Thank you for that, Stephanie. That was just something that, besides just cleaning the windows, I wanna be able to clean the whole frame, I’m there to clean your windows, so part of the window is the frame of the window, the screen and the tracks. And I like to vacuum the tracks just to get out the dead flies, the dust and what have you in there. And it’s just something that I took upon myself to go over and beyond to help somebody out and just make their windows experience the best. So it’s just it’s something I do, each and every house, when I do the interior windows, but I clean the exterior. Obviously I’ll clean the outside. That’s what we’re getting into that later. But the interior windows are just something that I like to take care of and vacuum the tracks. And some of the windows that are aluminum or steel, I like to put wax on the tracks. So the wax, they’ll just make the window slide. People will come to you, “God, Troy, my sliding glass door, “I just can’t open it. It’s like stuck!” And I’m like, “Well, let me vacuum out “all the gunk out of there and put some wax on there.” And next thing you know, I got to remind them, “That things is going to slide like butter. “That thing just slides wide open.” So it’s just an extra, no, not extra, just something I always do in every house I do.

– Yeah, no, it was awesome because we’ve had that happen, a couple of times where my clients are getting ready to sell a house, said, “I think I need to replace the slider, it’s not sliding very good.” And I said, “Well, before you go and replace it “and spend all that money, let’s get Troy.” And you’ve saved quite a few of my sellers. It was just dirty, and the wax really helped with getting it to slide a little easy.

– Yeah, it was just something I learned back in the day, it just was like on these vinyl windows, you have to use some little different. I use an aerosol spray, but though we’re different, but it’s just a little touch, it just really makes people be thankful that, “This window is so hard to open. “I can’t open it without replacing the wheels “and all this other things,” basically just cleaning the gunk out of the tracks, makes huge difference.

– Yeah, most people don’t do that because .

– Right. Troy, you’ve mentioned that you do exterior or interior, but now with the COVID situation that we’re in, how has that changed your business? One, how do you operate with clients doing that? And as far as any employees that you’ve had, how have you had to change things up?

– Right, so this COVID deal is definitely put a damper on my business a little bit. I have my same clientele I’ve had, and I’m thankful for my clients that I do have that I keep them on a six month rotation. So basically what I do through that COVID deal, like you said, I don’t know how many of my employees right now are gone because nobody can ride with me in my truck or be with me because of this whole COVID thing. So it’s taken its toll. So I’m just a singular guy right now, which is fine. When all is clear zone, we’ll go back to that, hiring my guys back. But it’s definitely, I’m only able to do the exterior windows and that’s my choice, but I don’t wanna get anybody else sick. If I’m a carrier and how this all works, I know I’m not a medical professional, I just wanna know I care about my clients. So I wanna be able to not get them sick or get me sick I don’t wanna bring the thing home to my family. So at the time, I’m just cleaning the exterior windows, which is the exterior windows. I also do the window screens, I’ll take those and clean those, but part of my exterior services, cleaning the cobwebs around the house, and that’s just something I always do exciting. I became OCD, I want everything to look just perfect every time. So besides cob webbing and the windows, I’ll do the eaves. And so I just find things to do and still provide a great service. Getting me even to the the garage lights, lights that are on the garage, and nobody ever thinks about cleaning those. If I can get my hand in there and clean the cobwebs and just make, even around the porch lights. So I was looking for something to do just to make my service and provide a great service to my clients so that I can only do half the work

– Yeah, . I know I introduced you as windows, propping windows, but you also do gutters.

– Right. I liked, you had mentioned, and then also solar panels. So I know solar panels deal for us, but if they have a lot of gunk on them, I was reading that it could really act the power but though up to like 20, 25%. So how do you go about playing those? And I’m sure you do that as well, right?

– I do clean solar panels, and I can do those. My insurance let’s me go up to three stories. If I don’t have a ladder, I don’t like to get up, but I’ll get it rent the equipment to get on top of a condominium or something to clean the solar panels. But I always like to talk to the homeowner and say, “Hey, do you have a graph? “Or do you have something on your computer “that tells me what your energy source is right now?” Because if you’re not watching that and you haven’t tied your windows, excuse me, there kinds of things going on. The solar panel’s going on, obviously you’ve got to clean those at least once a year. Some people recommend every six months, it depends on where you live. If you live on a farm, your solar panels get just covered in dust, and that just slows down the production of power. So what I was gonna say is like Cinco say, “Well, it rains.” Well, I’ve done the rains, I mean, it rains. Like your car, if it rains on your car, you got to wash it. You really got agitated, so you can’t just hose it off, like the rain will do, the rain doesn’t wash your car when it rains. So if you just get us, I need to get it pre-agitated. I use the pure water system, which is, I carry the water with me, which is pure water. It doesn’t leave any spots or any residue. It doesn’t have anything in it. It’s basically our role that you have at your sink that takes away all the fluoride and the chlorine and some of the hard water, but it doesn’t get on the solar panels so that it affects the power. If you just hose them off with your garden hose, or you’re just putting calcium on top of your solar panels, so it defeats the purpose of that, just to hose them.

– That’s very good to know, okay. And the gutters, I kind of lost, I hopped off the broadcast that kicked me off real quick, so I missed that, but did you talk on that gutter? I’ve seen my own neighbor after cleaning out the gutters and stuff .

– I know, well, that’s the other thing. And I always go generally majority of my clients, I’ve pretty much taken care of the rain gutters, but when I go to a new house and I always do an inspection on the rain gutters, just to make sure that they’re clear and I will take pictures of the gutters just to let you know what’s up there, ’cause nobody wants to get on a ladder. Then the ringer is getting neglected, and then you wonder why they leak or why they are rusted out or why they’re full of water. Nobody ever knows. So I just purchased this vacuum system, which is awesome. I have it on my Royal Pane Window Cleaning Facebook page. You can see some videos on there of how I get to clean the ring gutters out of a two or three story, excuse me, house in like Foxton Wood or Elkhorn or something like that. What I do is this, it’s a vacuum system that hangs over the top of the gutter. But even before I can do that, I have a wireless camera that allows me to inspect a rain gutters, and then on the bottom on the pole, it has a monitor, like a little a screen there. So we can see exactly what’s in there and not having to put a 40 foot ladder on top of a building or on top of the house. So I have this state of the art equipment, it’s just amazing. I absolutely love it. I’m the only one here on the Central Coast that has one. So I’m really excited about being able to have the right equipment to do the right job without so many get hurt off and on a ladder. So it’s pretty, pretty awesome.

– Yeah, I’ve seen some of the pictures that you posted on your Facebook and it’s amazing. It actually prompted me to be like, “Okay, I need to call you to do this, “but also to do my own house .”

– Right. Simply because We forget about things. We all have busy lives and we get going and now lately, everybody’s stuck at home, but it’s like, we need to think about doing some of this maintenance on our house if we haven’t done it already.

– Sure. Well, just like you, as Stephanie sells houses, if y’all have the home over there, which has been awesome, you should call me to do the, If you wanna sell your house quickly, I always suggest getting the windows clean. It’s just those lies to the home. I know you’re trying to sell it, I just love what I do, and I like to just share it with my clients and we can sell a house faster by having clean windows. And that means you take care of your house. So the rain gutters is just another option. I know there’s a spectrum to look at that and they suggesting you having it or not, but if you’re gonna sell your house and when it’s get top dollar for it, besides hiring Stephanie as a real estate agent, which is amazing. And then you’ve got to have the whole package, it’s gotta be done. If your gutters are dirty and your concrete starting, and you’re just presenting your house, but when I get another 10 grand out of it by having somebody professionally come and clean your windows, your ring dinners, solar panels, whatever house maintenance is on your house.

– Yeah, absolutely. That’s what

– I didn’t plugin by the way .

– No, you got it and you’re great. I appreciate you very much.

– Now you have thank you. Everything as well. You had mentioned when we talked yesterday, when we were prepping for this, that you had, I think you called it a Royal Pane treatment or a plan like that. If you want to touch a little bit on that, and then also tell people screen I had your phone number, but what’s the best way you want people to get in touch with you if they want to reach out?

– Okay, yeah, for sure. So I call it the royal treatment and that’s basically when I do the interior, exterior window cleaning. So for my interior service, when I come to your house and give you a quote for your interior extra window cleaning, my royal treatment is just basically to break it down. So interact your windows, which is a glass and vacuum, the tracks, clean the seals. I clean the frame of the window. I will clean the screens. I will clean the mirrors like your bathroom mirrors. If there are closet mirror, I just do that. If they’re clean, I’ll leave them alone. But 99.9% of the time, there’s always toothpaste on every one of those windows. All those mirrors, I’ve to clean them regardless. But it’s not actually that it’s not an extra charge, just something I do. I’ve always done it. And a lot of folks just enjoy me to come clean their windows or mirrors ’cause they can’t reach over the sink. I’m six foot three so I can get a pretty good reach. So then the exterior part of that royal treatment is the cobwebs on the outside. I like to get to the garage lights or the drive up lights or anything I can do to make your house . And then we can talk about solar panels and gutters and all that stuff. But basically the royal treatment is the window cleaning aspect of my business. And also I just wanted to talk about just real quick before I tell you where you can find me at, is that I use pure water. Pure water is basically your reverse osmosis water. So it’s spot free. For example, there’s one building I can do in a far Western is one of my good clients and good friends, but I clean those windows there without getting on a ladder. You realize how tall his windows are. I can reach the top of that with my 40 foot, water fed pole and scrub those windows and rend some spot free, I never have to squeegee jim and never find a water spot on those windows. So I use that water and I do carry that water with me on my truck. To get ahold of me, my phone number is 878-2885. You can also find me at on Royal Pane at Royal Pane, Royal Pane Window Cleaning on Facebook. Also Google, you can Google me, Instagram, same thing. Email is And if that’s not enough, I have over probably over a thousand accounts. I’m sure between my commercial and residential, I do a lot of stuff to ask your neighbor, someone knows me. So I live born and raised in here in Orcutt. And I have your number going on the bottom.

– Okay, I’ve seen that, oh, perfect.

– Okay this question, but a lot of people maybe didn’t know you but there’s people who are gonna be watching this at Dell. If you wanna just touch on it a little bit without getting too personal, but tell us what’s going on with your son. I know he was on the track to be in the Olympics and stuff with swimming. Won’t you just touch on that?

– I know, I wish I had my sunglasses. I know I get a little emotional on that. Yes, my son is a sophomore . When he was 15, he did qualify for the Olympic trials in two events, which is a 1500 meter and 800 meter freestyle. So what’s this COVID deal, it’s been a tough thing. And like I said, a little choked up talking about the guy, but I love him. And so we’ve been struggling trying to find a pool for him to practice in. And we’ve been through tons of pools all over the, there’s great friends at the Santa Maria Country Club that offered that. But the Santa Maria Country Club is closed right now. I’ve done it along just for a short, a lot of poor people came and helped us with pools. But right now, my good friend, James Otto Barrows, which I’m gonna plug him native nine wines and he’s offered up his vineyard. So my son right now is practicing everyday or every other day in his vineyard. So he’s swimming among the peanut right now. So we’re actually, you might . We’d no appetite to swim, he’ll swim for two hours so we’re over excited about that, but there’s some big plans for my son . When talking about it, chokes me up.

– Sorry– But I love my son so much and I’d anything in the world for him. Absolutely Stephanie, thank you.

– Sorry, I didn’t wanna bring on Facebook. No,

– has brought a lot closer together and the community it’s reached out and kind of support each other.

– You’re right. When I saw your posts, I thought that was really cool ’cause I knew you knew them and just having your son swim in there at the vineyard was pretty cool.

– It’s really cool. And I guess it’s just like, when you just think that there’s no more hope for a pool for these kids to swimming, ’cause the YMCAs closed, all the public pools are closed. There’s no place. A lot of folks have offered their pool, but my son’s a long distance swimmer and if he does really good, but I’m just saying he needs that extra long strokes. So he’s got his big old reservoir to swim in and he just loves it. So I’m very thankful for the community that’s definitely came up to help us out when we need it the most.

– Yeah, I’m gonna leave you for a show. If you had to give a message of hope to the community, what would that be?

– Well, you kind of touched a bit on my son swimming, but I know it’s been tough for everyone on this whole COVID deal, which is not just our community, but obviously the whole nation. So hopefully that we all learn from this epidemic or how are you gonna interpret it, some people don’t believe in it, but we’re just doing the best we can in that whole deal. So I think we just can’t take anything for granted anymore. I know well, this is a big scare for all of us. We have to learn how to take care of ourselves and take care of our family and take care of our community. ‘Cause there’s obviously no one out there to do that but ourselves so we just gotta keep, the world has changed and this is gonna change everybody. Hopefully this is eye opening thing where we wash your hands more. We gotta be more proactive, but overall , we gotta just do our own thing. And so excuse me about that. Just the best thing by taking care of ourselves. This is our community. I love what I do, I know Sophie loves her she does, and we just have to one step in front of each other and pray that this all works out for everyone.

– Yeah. Well Troy, thank you so much. I know you’re super super busy, thank so much for taking the time and doing this–

– Thank you. community information

– You’re welcome, Stephanie. Thank you, anytime. I look forward to seeing you soon and we’ll be talking to you.

– Okay. All right. Thank you so much, Stephanie. Thanks guys for watching. Have a great day.

– Great. Good weekend.

– Bye, bye. Okay, Bye bye.