How to Buy a Home in 10 Easy Steps – Home Buying Process

Buying a house in Orcutt CA

There are 10 main steps in the home buying process. And if you’re thinking of buying a home any time soon, we are gonna want to review these steps so you’re super clear on the process and you know what to expect on your journey of the home purchasing process.

So first it sounds silly, but you have to decide that you want to buy. A lot of people are on the fence. They’re not really sure, you gotta be committed. And if you decide to buy, then you’re ready to move forward.

You need to define your goals and create your dream home wishlist. But this is also a good time to divide up the list on the must-haves and the can live withouts, because you’re gonna need that probably along the way. You obviously need to pick a real estate professional. You’ll want to pick a real realtor that you’re comfortable asking questions. And ask a few questions of who they worked with and how well they know the area and anything else that you want to go over with them because you want to get comfortable with them before you actually sign paperwork.

You are also going to want to get with a lender to get pre-approved, this is super, super, super important. Can’t stress how important this is, especially in today’s market. You better be pre-approved. If you don’t know any good lenders, obviously you go back to your real estate professional and they can help you and put you in touch with some good options.

Then the fun starts. You’re gonna start the home shopping experience. The agent can connect you to the MLS so you can stay on top of the fast-paced market that we have going on. You obviously are will be searching Zillow and But through that whole process, you’ll need to be communicating with your realtor.

You’re finally find your home, the one, and you’re gonna make an offer. You’re gonna negotiate the offer and you’re gonna negotiate all the moving parts to the contract. It’s just not about the price point. You’re gonna be signing the executed contract and you’re gonna be getting into contract and opening escrow. Then it’s time to do your inspections and negotiate any repairs needed. After that, it comes to the contingencies, the property, the appraisal, and the loan contingencies. We can talk more about that on another video.

Final walkthroughs here, you’re down to the final step. You want to close the sale and celebrate your new home with keys. Having a real estate professional on your side to guide you through the home buying journey is super important. You’re not gonna want to do it without one. I’ll keep moving you forward on the right track to ensure that nothing gets left out. And if you have an agent of your own, just be sure to be comfortable with them and ask all the questions along the way so you understand the process.

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